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Indie 2 & 3 is a large build volume 3D Printer with a new gantry design. We have also introduced industrial grade Linear Motion guides for smoother motion. Indie 2 & 3 will be launched on Kickstarter in February 2018, so please sign up to get the latest updates.
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Key Features

Large Heated Bed

Print large parts with an efficient large heated bed.

Linear Motion Rail Guides

Linear Motion Rail Guides from THK is a proven product and one of the best. The smooth movement of the rail guides gives better print quality.

10+ Compatible Material

Print high temperature materials and high strength materials like PLA, ABS, Derlin, PC, Nylon, HIPS and more

Versatile Extruder

Use varied types of MK7 nozzles of 0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8,1mm nozzles. We have also tested Olssons Ruby nozzle for high temperature materials. Furthermore our extruder is easily swappable

Intelligent Enclosed chamber

Control and Maintain the heat within the enclosed chamber to reduce warping and cracking issues.

Design Patent

Indie 2 and 3 have been designed from the grounds up with its own proprietary extrusion structure.